We enable access to our extensive archive of Remote Sensing data from 44 satellites, including Indian and Foreign Remote Sensing sensors acquired since 1986. We also facilitate the Regional distribution of Sentinel, LandSat (8 & 9) data in India.

From 01 May 2024, payment aspects for IRS satellite data at Bhoonidhi will be handled by NSIL (eodata@nsilindia.co.in)


Bhoonidhi PLANNeR

With PLANNeR, users can look up the possibility & dates of potential acquisitions and submit requests for fresh acquisitions. The placement of a request necessitates user authorization. Upon acquisition, the data can be retrieved from Bhoonidhi. The application is now enabled for EOS-04.

Bhoonidhi Resources

Bhoonidhi resources for help, workshop material, newsletters, sample products and processing tools.

  • Bhoonidhi PLANNeR released for placing EOS-04 fresh acquisition requests.
  • New filter-based search at Bhoonidhi Browse & Order.
  • EOS-06 OCM (LAC & GAC) NDVI released on Bhoonidhi (ready to download).
  • EOS-06 SCAT L4WW product (2-day, 7-day, 15-day rolling mean) released on Bhoonidhi (ready to download) and Vista.
  • EOS-06 OCM (LAC & GAC) Chlorophyll released on Bhoonidhi (ready to download) and Vista.
  • SARPOLTOOL (Multi-Mission SAR Toolbox) released at Bhoonidhi Resources.
  • Batch Downloader tool to facilitate bulk download of open data products at Bhoonidhi Browse & Order.
EOS-06 OCM GAC Global Mosaic


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