Title Description
Ortho Products From Legacy Missions UIM-2024 Ortho Products From Legacy Missions (IRS-1A/1B/1C/1D)
OCM3 LAC NDVI Composites UIM-2024 Full India 8-Day NDVI composites from Oceansat-3 OCM-LAC
EOS-04 L2B ARD UIM-2024 EOS-04 Level-2B Terrain Normalized Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Product
Bhoonidhi Space Policy Implementation UIM-2024 Implementation of Indian Space Policy - Satellite Data Dissemination
Calibration Validation Facility UIM-2024 Integrated Instrumented CAL-VAL Facility
EOS-04 Polarimetric Products UIM-2024 EOS-04 Polarimetric Value Added Data Products
ARD Products From Resourcesat-2 UIM-2024 ARD Products From Resourcesat-2/2A Liss3
AWIFS Resourcesat-2 Composites UIM-2024 Fortnight and Monthly composites from Resourcesat-2 AWIFS
Cartosat-1 DSM UIM-2024 2.5m DSM using Cartosat-1 stereo data
EOS-06 Composite Products UIM-2024 EOS-06 Composite Value Added Data Products
Cartosat-3 Products UIM-2024 Cartosat-3 PAN Sharpened Sub-Swath Data Products (45 cm)
SARPOLTOOL UIM-2024 Multi-Mission POLSAR Processing and Analysis Tool
NETCDF to GeoTiff converter for OCM3 Products UIM-2024 NETCDF to GeoTiff converter for OCM3 Products
Image Viewer Utility UIM-2024 Image Viewer Utility
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